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LUNar new year

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Listerine is #1 dentist recommended antiseptic mouthwash in Canada that kills germs and improves oral health. Listerine Green Tea Zero, with zero alcohol was introduced to cater to the consumers who appreciates a refreshing yet a milder tasting mouthwash.



Our challenge is to seamlessly blend Listerine Green Tea Zero mouthwash characteristics with the Chinese New Year to educate customers about the product while building an emotional connect with the brand.





The Lunar New Year’s reunion dinner is very important, gatherings and socializing typicallylast for about a fortnight and is celebrated through gifts and food. A reason to reinforcetaking care of oral health and have fresh breath. 


In Chinese culture,Koi fishsymbolizes “wealth, auspiciousness, health, and happiness”. Fish is also a traditional symbol during the Spring Festival. At the New Year’s Eve dinner, fish is an essential dish, representing “abundance year after year.”




We combined the characteristics of mouthwash, where the green liquid represents the freshness of the pond, and Koi fishes swim in it to mark the auspicious beginning of the year – together celebrating the fresh start to the new year.


Our artistic approach combines elements of Chinese ink wash painting with a contemporary flat style to create a unique depiction of fish. The fish symbolizes both traditional and modern values, representing a blend of the old and new.



The Listerine Lunar New Year campaign exceeded expectations, generating 4,836,125 impressions and a CTR rate of 0.30%, surpassing the industry standards. The campaign was promoted on display network and social media. The campaign successfully promoted inclusive and the cultural understanding nationally.


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