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The Rise of Digital Savvy Newcomers in Canada

The Rise of Digital Savvy Newcomers in Canada
As Canada attracts diverse talent, there’s a trend among newcomers: digital savviness. These individuals arrive equipped with a deep understanding of digital platforms and technologies, presenting both opportunities and challenges for marketers aiming to connect with this growing demographic. As of 2023, more than eight million immigrants with permanent residence were living in Canada, comprising roughly 20 percent of the total Canadian population. Reaching multicultural Canadians and newcomers is key to modern marketing in this country.
Map of Canada
Roughly 20% of the Canadian population is made up of immigrants with permanent residence status.
Claudia Worms Sciama, Google Canada’s managing director of Automotive & Consumer Goods, says the research illustrates how important it is for marketers to target newcomers to Canada.
When you factor in non-permanent residents and international students, there were one million newcomers to Canada in 2022. This growth is expected to sustain over time, and this group has tremendous purchasing power. Based on our research the recent wave of new Canadians is highly educated, affluent, and digital first. So, this group is really building a new lifestyle here in Canada, discovering brands and businesses from banks, electronics, and automotive.

Implications for Multicultural Marketing

Digital First Approach

Newcomers are well-versed in utilizing digital platforms for learning. Establishing an online presence isn’t just important; it’s essential for connecting with this audience. 66% of newcomers rely on Search, followed by social media and online video, for information in Canada.Moreover, newcomers exhibit a greater propensity for digital channels; for instance, they are 1.9 times more inclined to open bank accounts via an app compared to long-time Canadian residents.
Icon of opening bank account via a mobile app
1.9X more inclined to open bank accounts via an app compared to long-time Canadian residents.

Multilingual Content

Tailoring marketing messages in multiple languages is essential to resonate with diverse newcomer communities, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. Naturally, adjusting to a new country can evoke a longing for reminders of home among newcomers. Many seek ways to preserve connections to their homeland, with language playing a crucial role in seeking comfort and familiarity upon arriving in Canada. Moreover, 69% of newcomers pay attention to ads in their language, while 68% feel a sense of belonging to such brands.

69% of newcomers say that they pay attention to ads in their own language.

Icon depicting digital ads in different languages

68% of newcomers feel a sense of belonging to brands who have ads in their own language.

Icon depicting a newcomer relating more to ads in their own language

Cultural Sensitivity

Understanding the unique cultural nuances of diverse ethnic groups is crucial for meaningful marketing campaigns. By respecting these differences, brands can establish trust among newcomers, leading to stronger connections. This awareness improves the marketing effectiveness, cultivating deeper relationships with diverse audiences and fostering higher engagement. Embracing diversity in marketing strategies demonstrates commitment to understanding and appreciating distinct perspectives, contributing to a more inclusive marketplace.  

Personalized Experiences

Leveraging data analytics and AI technologies enables marketers to deliver personalized experiences resonating with newcomers’ needs and interests. Tailoring messages, offers, and interactions based on data-driven insights creates meaningful connections. Studies show personalized experiences increase purchase likelihood by 69%, with consumers 2X-3X more likely to buy.
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31% of consumers say they’re 2X-3X more likely to purchase.
Icon showing that consumers prefer shopping with brands that personalize experiences
69% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase from brands that personalize experiences.

Community Engagement

Building trust in newcomer communities necessitates active participation in community events, forums, and social media groups. Engaging in these spaces, brands can establish a meaningful presence that allows for direct interaction and engagement with newcomers. This involvement not only increases brand visibility but also demonstrates a genuine commitment to understanding and supporting their needs. Additionally, engaging in community events lets brands listen to newcomers’ concerns firsthand, tailoring offerings and communication strategies effectively. Overall, this proactive engagement helps solidify connections with newcomer communities and fosters long-term trust and loyalty.



By embracing the digital savviness of newcomers and adopting innovative marketing strategies, brands can effectively connect with this demographic, fostering long-term relationships and driving business growth in the diverse landscape of Canada.

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